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Sour Diesel seeds and strains, sometimes called Sour D, Buy Sour Diesel Online is a mostly Sativa hybrid that gets its name from the almost diesel and citrus odor it emits.

Due to the strain being almost entirely Sativa, Buy Sour Diesel Online is a purely cerebral high. The high is very uplifting; giving feelings of euphoria. It is recommended as a day starter thanks to the energy it imparts. This strain also reportedly increases creativity. However, as with many strains of cannabis most users experience dry mouth and possibly dry eyes.

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Buy Sour Diesel Online Other users of the strain have reported feeling paranoia and anxiety as the cerebral stimulation of this Buy Sour Diesel Online strain can be quite overwhelming (especially in higher doses). Some users easily lose concentration as everything grabs at their attention. For novice users, even something as simple as staying mentally engaged in a conversation can pose a problem.

Stress, in general, Buy Sour Diesel Online is the most common medicinal use for Sour Diesel. Buy Sour Diesel Online The strain’s cerebral high is excellent at calming anxiety and lightening the effects of depression when used in small doses. Because of the energetic effects of this strain it is used to combat chronic fatigue as well. Since there is no body high associated with Buy Sour Diesel Online, it provides virtually no pain relief.

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The exact origins of Sour Diesel seeds Buy Sour Diesel Online are not known as there is very little paper trail about its lineage. As such a definitive agreement on its original genetic make up doesn’t exist, however there has been much speculation about it. Most believe that true Sour Diesel was derived from the original Buy Sour Diesel Online. Some say that Buy Sour Diesel Online was mixed with an unknown skunk phenotype; while others say it was an accidental cross with a DNL plant. There are those that believe it was just a different phenotype of Chemdawg that was more Sativa than Indica. Many growers also indicate that it was a cross of Chemdawg and Northern Lights, or perhaps Chemdawg, Northern Lights and Skunk #1. Either way, Sour Diesel is an extremely popular strain in dispensaries up and down the West Coast.

Due to the scarcity of true Sour Diesel Buy Sour Diesel Online there have been many strains that have tried to simulate true Sour Diesel’s Buy Sour Diesel Online high. A few of these strains are actually crosses between true Sour Diesel Buy Sour Diesel Online and other strains, while others do not even contain true Sour Diesel seeds at all.

Given flowering times for Sour Diesel Buy Sour Diesel Online range between fifty-five days and ten weeks. Sour Diesel yields Buy Sour Diesel Online anywhere between 450 and 550 grams per square meter and typically reaches around 115 centimeters in height.

Sour Diesel Buy Sour Diesel Online grows better in a warmer climate and can be grown indoors or outdoors, though many claim Sour Diesel grows best outdoors.

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